Welcome to my blog!


Lovelifeandlunacy is a blog about a variety of different things such as the loves of my life, life itself and the sheer lunacy and antics a day can bring.

I will start by explaining a bit about myself, the CEO, writer, editor, publisher and designer of my blog. My name is Anne-Marie, I’m 24 years old and a mummy to three beautiful, funny and totally bonkers children, Riley, Lewis and Peyton. Those three are the very fibres of my being and I love them completely. I am also a fiancĂ© to the most loving, kind, caring, handsome and sarcastic man in the world, Pete.


A massive interest of mine is child psychology which is why I am a full time student studying towards a degree and am currently studying child and youth psychology, from this I hope to have a career as an educational psychologist.


This blog is a new hobby for me and allows me to write about things I want to say or express an opinion on in a fun and creative way. I hope that in time this blog will grow and I hope you can join me on my new adventure! Feel free to ask questions, leave comments and more importantly, express your views too.


Anne-Marie xxx


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